org.apache.cxf.fediz:fediz-spring@1.3.2 vulnerabilities

Direct Vulnerabilities

Known vulnerabilities in the org.apache.cxf.fediz:fediz-spring package. This does not include vulnerabilities belonging to this package’s dependencies.

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Vulnerability Vulnerable Version
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Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF)

org.apache.cxf.fediz:fediz-spring is an open source services framework that ships with a number of container-specific plugins to enable WS-Federation for applications.

Affected versions of this package are vulnerable to Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF). The vulnerability can result in a security context that is set up using a malicious client's roles for the given enduser.

How to fix Cross-site Request Forgery (CSRF)?

Upgrade org.apache.cxf.fediz:fediz-spring to version 1.3.0, 1.3.3, 1.4.3 or higher.

[1.2.4,1.3.0) [1.3.2,1.3.3) [1.4.0,1.4.3)