org.apache.jena:jena-arq@2.11.0 vulnerabilities

SPARQL 1.1 query engine and RDF parsers for Apache Jena

Direct Vulnerabilities

Known vulnerabilities in the org.apache.jena:jena-arq package. This does not include vulnerabilities belonging to this package’s dependencies.

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Vulnerability Vulnerable Version
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XML External Entity (XXE) Injection

org.apache.jena:jena-arq is a SPARQL 1.1 query engine for Apache Jena.

Affected versions of this package are vulnerable to XML External Entity (XXE) Injection. A vulnerability in XML processing in Apache Jena may allow an attacker to execute XML External Entities (XXE), including exposing the contents of local files to a remote server.

How to fix XML External Entity (XXE) Injection?

Upgrade org.apache.jena:jena-arq to version 4.2.0 or higher.