API Gateway classic custom domain does not use secure TLS protocol version (1.2 and above) Affecting API Gateway (REST APIs) service in AWS


    Severity Framework
    Snyk CCSS
    Rule category
    Data / Encryption Protocols

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    CSA-CCM ISO-27001 NIST-800-53 PCI-DSS SOC-2
  • Snyk ID SNYK-CC-00190
  • credit Snyk Research Team


The TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocol secures transmission of data over the internet using standard encryption technology. Encryption should be set with the latest version of TLS where possible. Versions prior to TLS 1.2 are deprecated and usage may pose security risks.

How to fix?

Set the security_policy attribute to the value TLS_1_2.

Example Configuration

resource "aws_api_gateway_domain_name" "domain_name" {
  domain_name = "example.com"
  certificate_arn = "arn:aws:acm:us-east-1:123456789012:certificate/cecbde21-a7ed-abcd-1234-abcdef123456"
  security_policy = "TLS_1_2"