Allocation of Resources Without Limits or Throttling Affecting libcurl-minimal package, versions <0:7.61.1-22.el8_6.4



    Attack Complexity Low
    User Interaction Required
    Availability High
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6.5 medium
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4.9 medium
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Red Hat
6.5 medium

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  • published 28 Jun 2022
  • disclosed 27 Jun 2022

How to fix?

Upgrade Centos:8 libcurl-minimal to version 0:7.61.1-22.el8_6.4 or higher.

NVD Description

Note: Versions mentioned in the description apply only to the upstream libcurl-minimal package and not the libcurl-minimal package as distributed by Centos:8. See How to fix? for Centos:8 relevant fixed versions and status.

curl < 7.84.0 supports "chained" HTTP compression algorithms, meaning that a serverresponse can be compressed multiple times and potentially with different algorithms. The number of acceptable "links" in this "decompression chain" was unbounded, allowing a malicious server to insert a virtually unlimited number of compression steps.The use of such a decompression chain could result in a "malloc bomb", makingcurl end up spending enormous amounts of allocated heap memory, or trying toand returning out of memory errors.