NULL Pointer Dereference Affecting vim-debugsource package, versions *



    Attack Complexity Low
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7.5 high
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Red Hat
5.3 medium

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  • published 26 Jul 2021
  • disclosed 24 Dec 2018

How to fix?

There is no fixed version for Centos:8 vim-debugsource.

NVD Description

Note: Versions mentioned in the description apply only to the upstream vim-debugsource package and not the vim-debugsource package as distributed by Centos:8. See How to fix? for Centos:8 relevant fixed versions and status.

libvterm through 0+bzr726, as used in Vim and other products, mishandles certain out-of-memory conditions, leading to a denial of service (application crash), related to screen.c, state.c, and vterm.c.