Server-side Request Forgery (SSRF) Affecting package, versions <1.2.1

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  • published

    24 Jun 2021

  • disclosed

    23 Jun 2021

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How to fix?

Upgrade to version 1.2.1 or higher.

Overview is a The server control plane for Pterodactyl Panel. Written from the ground-up with security, speed, and stability in mind.

Affected versions of this package are vulnerable to Server-side Request Forgery (SSRF). Unchecked hostname resolution could allow access to local network resources by users outside the local network. A newly implemented route allowing users to download files from remote endpoints was not properly verifying the destination hostname for user provided URLs. This would allow malicious users to potentially access resources on local networks that would otherwise be inaccessible.

This vulnerability requires valid authentication credentials and is therefore not exploitable by unauthenticated users. If you are running an instance for yourself or other trusted individuals this impact is unlikely to be of major concern to you. However, you should still upgrade for security sake.