Arbitrary Code Execution The advisory has been revoked - it doesn't affect any version of package org.apache.tomcat:catalina Open this link in a new tab

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8.1 high
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Red Hat
8.1 high

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  • published 11 Oct 2017
  • disclosed 19 Sep 2017
  • credit iswin


This was deemed not a vulnerability.


org.apache.tomcat:catalina is a Servlet Engine Core Classes and Standard implementations. Affected versions of this package are vulnerable to Arbitrary Code Execution. When running Apache Tomcat on Windows with HTTP PUTs enabled (e.g. via setting the readonly initialisation parameter of the Default to false) it was possible to upload a JSP file to the server via a specially crafted request. This JSP could then be requested and any code it contained would be executed by the server.

The fix for this vulnerability was incomplete, see CVE-2017-12617.