Out-of-bounds Read Affecting curl package, versions <7.64.0-1



    Attack Complexity Low
    Availability High

    Threat Intelligence

    EPSS 3.69% (91st percentile)
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7.5 high
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3.1 low
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Red Hat
4.3 medium

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  • Snyk ID SNYK-DEBIAN11-CURL-520547
  • published 6 Feb 2019
  • disclosed 6 Feb 2019

How to fix?

Upgrade Debian:11 curl to version 7.64.0-1 or higher.

NVD Description

Note: Versions mentioned in the description apply only to the upstream curl package and not the curl package as distributed by Debian:11. See How to fix? for Debian:11 relevant fixed versions and status.

libcurl versions from 7.36.0 to before 7.64.0 is vulnerable to a heap buffer out-of-bounds read. The function handling incoming NTLM type-2 messages (lib/vauth/ntlm.c:ntlm_decode_type2_target) does not validate incoming data correctly and is subject to an integer overflow vulnerability. Using that overflow, a malicious or broken NTLM server could trick libcurl to accept a bad length + offset combination that would lead to a buffer read out-of-bounds.