Improper Input Validation Affecting package, versions <3.0.1



    Attack Complexity Low

    Threat Intelligence

    EPSS 0.14% (49th percentile)
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7.5 high

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  • published 15 Apr 2021
  • disclosed 15 Apr 2021
  • credit Unknown

How to fix?

Upgrade to version 3.0.1 or higher.

Overview is a YubiHSM Connector

Affected versions of this package are vulnerable to Improper Input Validation. An issue was discovered in the /api/connector endpoint handler in Yubico yubihsm-connector (in YubiHSM SDK before 2021.04). The handler did not validate the length of the request, which can lead to a state where yubihsm-connector becomes stuck in a loop waiting for the YubiHSM to send it data, preventing any further operations until the yubihsm-connector is restarted. An attacker can send 0, 1, or 2 bytes to trigger this.