XML External Entity (XXE) Injection Affecting com.twelvemonkeys.imageio:imageio-metadata package, versions [,3.7.1)

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  • published

    13 Dec 2021

  • disclosed

    7 Dec 2021

  • credit

    MOGWAI LABS GmbH, Timo Müller

How to fix?

Upgrade com.twelvemonkeys.imageio:imageio-metadata to version 3.7.1 or higher.


com.twelvemonkeys.imageio:imageio-metadata is an ImageIO metadata module.

Affected versions of this package are vulnerable to XML External Entity (XXE) Injection due to an insecurely initialized XML parser for reading XMP Metadata. An attacker can exploit this vulnerability if they are able to supply a file (e.g. when an online profile picture is processed) with a malicious XMP segment. If the XMP metadata of the uploaded image is parsed, then the XXE vulnerability is triggered.