Authorization Bypass Affecting hudson.plugins:project-inheritance package, versions [0,]

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  • published

    4 Jun 2020

  • disclosed

    4 Jun 2020

  • credit

    Daniel Beck, CloudBees, Inc. and, independently, Markus Winter, SAP SE

How to fix?

There is no fixed version for hudson.plugins:project-inheritance.


hudson.plugins:project-inheritance is a Project Inheritance Plugin

Affected versions of this package are vulnerable to Authorization Bypass. Jenkins limits access to job configuration XML data (config.xml) to users with Job/ExtendedRead permission, typically implied by Job/Configure permission. Project Inheritance Plugin has several job inspection features, including the API URL /job/…​/getConfigAsXML for its Inheritance Project job type that does something similar.

Affected versions do not check permissions for this new endpoint, granting access to job configuration XML data to every user with Job/Read permission.

Additionally, the encrypted values of secrets stored in the job configuration are not redacted, as they would be by the config.xml API for users without Job/Configure permission.