Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) Affecting org.apache.cassandra:cassandra-all package, versions [2.1.0,2.3.0) [3.0.0,3.0.24) [3.11.0,3.11.10)

  • Attack Complexity


  • Confidentiality


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  • published

    3 Feb 2021

  • disclosed

    2 Feb 2021

  • credit

    Jon Meredith

How to fix?

Upgrade org.apache.cassandra:cassandra-all to version 2.3.0, 3.0.24, 3.11.10 or higher.


org.apache.cassandra:cassandra-all is a maven plugin for the Apache Cassandra Project. Which, develops a highly scalable second-generation distributed database, bringing together Dynamo's fully distributed design and Bigtable's ColumnFamily-based data model.

Affected versions of this package are vulnerable to Man-in-the-Middle (MitM). When using dc or rack internode_encryption setting, a Cassandra instance allows both encrypted and unencrypted connections. A misconfigured node or a malicious user can use the unencrypted connection despite not being in the same rack or dc, and bypass mutual TLS requirement.