Signature Validation Bypass Affecting org.eclipse.californium:scandium package, versions [2.0.0,2.6.5) [3.0.0-M1,3.0.0-M4)

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  • Confidentiality


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  • published

    22 Aug 2021

  • disclosed

    22 Aug 2021

  • credit

    Achim Kraus

How to fix?

Upgrade org.eclipse.californium:scandium to version 2.6.5, 3.0.0-M4 or higher.


org.eclipse.californium:scandium is a library for exchanging data using DTLS over UDP.

Affected versions of this package are vulnerable to Signature Validation Bypass. If the signature is not included in ServerKeyExchange, then the certificate based (x509 and RPK) DTLS handshakes succeeds without verifying the server side's signature on the client side.