Server-side Request Forgery (SSRF) Affecting request package, versions *



    Exploit Maturity Proof of concept
    Attack Complexity Low
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6.1 medium

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  • Snyk ID SNYK-JS-REQUEST-3361831
  • published 17 Mar 2023
  • disclosed 16 Mar 2023
  • credit SzymonDrosdzol

How to fix?

A fix was pushed into the master branch but not yet published.


request is a simplified http request client. Affected versions of this package are vulnerable to Server-side Request Forgery (SSRF) due to insufficient checks in the lib/redirect.js file by allowing insecure redirects in the default configuration, via an attacker-controller server that does a cross-protocol redirect (HTTP to HTTPS, or HTTPS to HTTP).

NOTE: This package has been deprecated, so a fix is not expected. See