Local File Inclusion Affecting pimcore/pimcore package, versions <6.8.8

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  • published

    18 Feb 2021

  • disclosed

    18 Feb 2021

  • credit

    Daniele Scanu

How to fix?

Upgrade pimcore/pimcore to version 6.8.8 or higher.


pimcore/pimcore is a content & product management framework (CMS/PIM/E-Commerce).

Affected versions of this package are vulnerable to Local File Inclusion. A Local FIle Inclusion vulnerability exists in the downloadCsvAction function of the CustomReportController class (bundles/AdminBundle/Controller/Reports/CustomReportController.php). An authenticated user can reach this function with a GET request at the following endpoint: /admin/reports/custom-report/download-csv?exportFile=&#91;filename]. Since exportFile variable is not sanitized, an attacker can exploit a local file inclusion vulnerability.


* Login in Pimcore
* Send a GET request to the endpoint: /admin/reports/custom-report/download-csv?exportFile=../../../../../../../../../../../../../../../etc/passwd to retrieve del passwd file of the Linux system. (Inside the request insert the header X-pimcore-csrf-token).