Exposed Dangerous Method or Function Affecting guake package, versions [,3.8.5)



    Attack Complexity High
    Confidentiality High

    Threat Intelligence

    Exploit Maturity Proof of concept
    EPSS 0.23% (60th percentile)
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8 high

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  • Snyk ID SNYK-PYTHON-GUAKE-2386334
  • published 7 Feb 2022
  • disclosed 27 Jan 2022
  • credit junorouse

How to fix?

Upgrade guake to version 3.8.5 or higher.


guake is a Guake Terminal

Affected versions of this package are vulnerable to Exposed Dangerous Method or Function due to the exposure of execute_command and execute_command_by_uuid methods via the d-bus interface, which makes it possible for a malicious user to run an arbitrary command via the d-bus method.

Note: Exploitation requires the user to have installed another malicious program that will be able to send dbus signals or run terminal commands.