Use After Free Affecting MozillaFirefox package, versions <91.8.0-150000.150.27.1



    Attack Complexity Low
    User Interaction Required
    Scope Changed

    Threat Intelligence

    EPSS 0.09% (40th percentile)
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6.5 medium
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6.1 medium
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Red Hat
6.1 medium

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  • published 25 Feb 2024
  • disclosed 7 Apr 2022

How to fix?

Upgrade SLES:15.0 MozillaFirefox to version 91.8.0-150000.150.27.1 or higher.

NVD Description

Note: Versions mentioned in the description apply only to the upstream MozillaFirefox package and not the MozillaFirefox package as distributed by SLES. See How to fix? for SLES:15.0 relevant fixed versions and status.

By using a link with <code>rel="localization"</code> a use-after-free could have been triggered by destroying an object during JavaScript execution and then referencing the object through a freed pointer, leading to a potential exploitable crash. This vulnerability affects Thunderbird < 91.8, Firefox < 99, and Firefox ESR < 91.8.