Insecure Defaults Affecting dompurify Open this link in a new tab package, versions <0.3

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  • published

    24 Apr 2017

  • disclosed

    7 Mar 2014

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Introduced: 7 Mar 2014

CWE-79 Open this link in a new tab

How to fix?

Upgrade dompurify to version 0.3 or higher.


dompurify is a DOM-only XSS sanitizer for HTML, MathML and SVG. Affected versions of the package are vulnerable to Cross-site Scripting (XSS) and DOM Clobbering due to Insecure Defaults. The default configuration allowed DOM Clobbering when used by a sanitized website. The default was changed to pevent such situations.

You can read more about Insecure Defaults on our blog.