SQL Injection Affecting knex package, versions <0.6.23 >=0.7.0 <0.7.6



    Attack Complexity Low

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  • Snyk ID npm:knex:20150413
  • published 20 Dec 2016
  • disclosed 12 Apr 2015
  • credit Jorge Godoy

Introduced: 12 Apr 2015

CVE NOT AVAILABLE CWE-89 Open this link in a new tab

How to fix?

Upgrade knex to versions 0.6.23, 0.7.6 or higher.


knex is a batteries-included SQL query & schema builder for Postgres, MySQL and SQLite3 and the Browser.

Column names are not properly escaped in the postgreSQL dialect. This may allow attackers to craft a query to the host DB and access private information. Writing the following code:

var query = knex.select('id","name').from('test')

Has the following result:

{ method: 'select',
  options: undefined,
  bindings: [],
  sql: 'select "id","name" from "test"' }