Information Disclosure Affecting com.datadoghq:datadog-api-client package, versions [,1.0.0-beta.9)



    Attack Complexity High
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3.3 low

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  • published 4 Mar 2021
  • disclosed 3 Mar 2021
  • credit Jonathan Leitschuh

How to fix?

Upgrade com.datadoghq:datadog-api-client to version 1.0.0-beta.9 or higher.


com.datadoghq:datadog-api-client is a Java client library for Datadog API

Affected versions of this package are vulnerable to Information Disclosure. The Datadog API is executed on a unix-like system with multiple users. The API is used to download a file containing sensitive information. This sensitive information is exposed locally to other users. This vulnerability exists in the API Client for version 1 and 2. The method prepareDownloadFilecreates creates a temporary file with the permissions bits of -rw-r--r-- on unix-like systems. On unix-like systems, the system temporary directory is shared between users. As such, the contents of the file downloaded via the downloadFileFromResponse method will be visible to all other users on the local system.

Analysis of the finding determined that the affected code was unused, meaning that the exploitation likelihood is low. The unused code has been removed, effectively mitigating this issue.